Sometimes the best things come in tiny packages.

You know those restaurants that are super small, but serve up the best food? They may be off the beaten path and it may be hard to get a table, but you would wait in line any day to get a taste of what they're cooking. Well, has put together a list of small restaurants across the state that, despite their small exterior, serve up big flavors.

Out of their list of 13, Shreveport landed three.

7. George's Grill - You can find George's on East Kings Highway. They serve up some of the best southern cooking you've ever had.

10. The Village Grill - The Village Grill is located on Louisiana Avenue. They first opened up in 1988 and have brought some fabulous fine dining to our area. How about them oysters?

11. Sam's Southern Eatery - The North Market location is fairly small but serves up huge portions. Just like we like in the south. Fried? Even better.

You can see what other small restaurants across the state made the list here.

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