The Mudbugs took care of business in front of two huge crowds this weekend.

If you want Shreveport to get behind absolutely anything, just mix in a little Mardi Gras. This weekend, the Mudbugs took on the Springfield Jr. Blues in back-to-back games making up Mardi Gras weekend.

During both games, the team help their own Mardi Gras parade during the intermissions. Saturday night featured Grand Marshal, Greedy Williams of the Cleveland Browns. Greedy was following in the footsteps of last year's Grand Marshal, Tra'Davious White.

Off the ice, thousands of fans took in and enjoyed an experience that only the Shreveport Mudbugs can provide. George's Pond was packed full of hockey (and Mardi Gras) lovers, and the fans were treated to exceptional hockey as well.

The Boys won both games convincingly, and they're right back in action next week with games on Thursday and Friday.


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