In an effort to continue flattening the curve, Shreveport Police has now suspended tennis play on both private and public facilities.

On March 23rd, the city of Shreveport announced all public recreational tennis facilities would close. Now, a few weeks later, they have decided to block the sport at private facilities as well.

In a Facebook post, Shreveport Police published their new suspension, and also provided reasoning for extending the closures to privately owned facilities. In the post, Shreveport Police says, "there is a possibility that COVID-19 could be transmitted through the common sharing and handling of tennis balls, benches, nets, and other common surfaces."

Chief Ben Raymond announced that these new restrictions go into effect today, April 17th. He also states that those who do not comply will first be issued a warning, and then issued a citation if they remain non-compliant.

Read the full announcement below.





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