It's unbelievable at the amount of money that someone (or a group of people) could win this weekend!

The second largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history could be won tomorrow night (October 19th) when six balls are selected in the Mega Millions and an estimated $900 million will be awarded. That's not the only lottery jackpot that continues to grow though, Powerball is doing the same thing! Although currently its jackpot isn't quite as large, but is still a healthy chunk of change sitting at an estimated $430 million for Saturday's (October 20th) drawing!

Playing Mega Millions will cost you $2 a ticket. However, you could win your $2 back if you match the yellow ball number or double it by matching any number from the white balls! If you multiply it, you could win even more!

Playing Powerball will cost you $2 a ticket too. When playing this lottery, payouts begin at $4 when you match the red Powerball or match any number with the powerball and of course if you multiply your winnings, you'll win more!

As lottery fever continues to rise around the nation, people will be playing favorite numbers to win one of the largest jackpots in U.S. history and lines will be forming to purchase those tickets as the lottery deadline approaches Friday evening! Hopefully if you win, you win it out right and will not have to split the jackpot with anyone!

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