It's almost a billion, but not exactly! Just a million away!

Apparently no one had the 1 in 75.6 quadrillion odds to win both jackpots in last Friday's and Saturday's Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. Well, the odds are still the same to win both jackpots tonight and tomorrow night, but the payoff is a lot more this time!

Tonight's Mega Millions lottery drawing (October 16th) is worth an estimated $654 million dollars and then tomorrow night the Powerball lottery is estimated to be $345 million! Combine the two jackpots and its almost a billion dollars! When you win the question becomes do you take the cash option or take the annuity where it's paid out over time. If you take the cash option on these jackpots you could potentially be bringing home around 571 million (or more than a half a billion dollars)! I'd be good with that! Win just one of them and you could bring home $372 million from Mega Millions lottery and $199 million from Powerball lottery.

When I win that much, the next question becomes do I continue to come in to work and continue to talk on the radio! I honestly think I would! I'd try to maintain some sense of normalcy, but I have a feeling that could be hard to do! It's always fun to dream and play the what if game, but I'm being realistic, when I purchase my two or three tickets for tonight's and tomorrow night's drawings I'll only be supporting education because I'm not all that confident that the odds will be in my favor. But I'll play and we'll see what happens!

Good luck to you if you play the lottery.

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