Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has spoken: People who live in the Morganza floodway need to prepare to evacuate. Earlier today, Jindal said it's just a matter of time before the rising river level makes opening the flood control structure a necessity.

Jindal expects the decision to come this weekend, no later than Monday or Tuesday. Morganza will be at 50 percent capacity, he said, allowing a flow of 300,000 cubic feet per second to flow into the Atchafalaya Basin, releasing enough water to put some areas as much as 25 feet underwater.

According to the Associated Press, Maj. Gen. Michael J. Walsh said if the Morganza gates weren't opened, levees south of Baton Rouge might be topped, possibly endangering the LSU-Baton Rouge campus.

Click on the links below to see maps of the areas of inundation:

Entire District

Red River Backwater Area

Yazoo Backwater Area

Natchez Vidalia Area

Vicksburg City Area

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