I've heard of pregnant women putting headphones to their tummy to let their baby listen to music while still in the womb, but this is...uhhh, different.

BabyPod is a silicone, hypoallergenic FDA-approved device that, according to studies, helps babies vocalize. Moms-to-be can start using BabyPod at 16 weeks of pregnancy. BabyPod will run you $150.

'BabyPod is safe and it should only be avoided in high-risk pregnancies, or if the patient has contractions, a dilated cervix, or any kind of vaginal or urine infection,' said Dr. Leonardo Marques, a gynecologist and leader of Institut Marques.

Here's what determined after testing hundreds of pregnant women, from WAFB via Institut Marques:

  • Music applied vaginally (using Babypod) generates a response consisting of mouth and tongue movements by the fetus. These are vocalization movements similar to those made by young babies to emit sounds when learning to talk.
  • Music applied abdominally does not generate any response in babies, so presumably they do not hear it.
  • Vaginal vibration generates no response; the noise does not generate a reaction from the baby.
  • 87% of babies apparently responded.

Well, call me Jon Snow...

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