Even as NBC, 'The Office' producers and Steve Carell himself insisted time and time again that Michael Scott would have no appearance in 'The Office's May 16 series finale, color us "shocked" to hear that the former Dunder-Mifflin head might make an appearance after all. NBC isn't confirming either way, but find out how likely a final appearance from Steve Carell's Michael Scott is for 'The Office' series finale inside!

You didn't really think 'The Office' would air its nine-year swan song on May 16 without some appearance from Steve Carell, did you? Though multiple sources initially reported that 'The Office' bosses and Carell were content they'd already wrapped the character two seasons ago, new reports from TVLine suggest that Michael Scott may indeed pop up in the May 16 finale episode.

Supposedly, a late push to get Carell to film an appearance may have paid off, though the actor's representative would only confirm that Carell was present on set for moral support during finale shooting. Initially, sources were adamant that Michael Scott had no place in 'The Office's' closer, but for now the rhetoric seems not to rule anything out.

In short? Yeah, he'll probably be back. Come on! At Sundance for his film ‘The Way, Way Back,’ Carell spoke to Access Hollywood saying:

I just didn’t think it was right for the character, because that character had had an arc within the story and kind of grew and sort of evolved past the idea of the documentary.

I’m really good friends with everybody on the cast and with [executive producer] Greg Daniels and I want to go back [to the set] to say, ‘Hi,’ certainly, before it all ends, but I just thought, in terms of the character, it didn’t make sense.

You can decide for yourself who to believe, but consider it more than likely Steve Carell's Michael Scott will appear in 'The Office's series finale one way or another. How could he not, right?

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