I have had asthma since I could remember. Being one of the wheezy kids has definitely been a struggle. We get made fun. We get picked on. And on top of all of that we can't breathe.

I have always been self conscious of my asthma. I usually don't tell someone unless they just so happen to see my inhaler because I don't want people to think I am weak. However the struggles are far worse than just looking weak.

The Top 8 Struggles of Adults with asthma.

  • Attacks in public are super awkward and people never know how to react.
  • Jordan Spark's No Air is your theme song
  • Humidity sucks even worse for asthma sufferers
  • People will seriously ask if asthma is even a real thing (insert insane eye roll here)
  • Air Quality Warnings are another way of saying you are never allowed outside again
  • Sudden change of temperature can cause an instant attack
  • Folks call us Lil Wheezy or Puff Daddy