Remember a couple of years or so ago when the biggest argument among your friends wasn't politics or the pandemic it was "I swear it was Yanny!" or "No you've lost your mind it is Laurel.". Yes, I am talking about THAT clip. The clip that split the world in two. We were all team Yanny or team Laurel there was no in-between. Just for reference here is the clip that divided us all. Just to refresh your memory check out this video below.

We thought it was tough with two different sounds. Now let's try eight, yes eight different sounds. I have a lot of questions, does the audio say: nightfall, for a knife, Fortnite, iPhone, nine four, nice one, eye for an eye, throw a knife, or all of them?

I did see several TikTok videos and whatever word appeared on the screen is what I heard. So the theory of you can hear everything with this sound is accurate. My question is, is there a sound that we are all missing? What are you hearing? Message me direct by clicking here.

Could this be what America needs right now? Or perhaps the whole world? Can we agree that arguments about what we think a sound is is much better than arguing over politics and masks? Also for the record, I heard "For a knife". What did you hear?



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