Treasure hunters from all over the world travel to Caddo Fire District 1 in the Blanchard area for the annual Poke Salad Festival Treasure Hunt.

Well, maybe that's a little bit of a stretch, but with $1,000 on the line, you can bet there are lots of eyes looking around for what could be an extra payday.

Today, we get the newest installment:

Clue #3, Wednesday, May 10: Just be precise and be nice

And if you missed the previous clues, we'll get you caught up:

Clue #2, Tuesday, May 9: Throughout the District you can scour, be precise and have the power

Clue #1, Monday, May 8:  With no need to dig, climb, dismantle, enter private property or park dangerously in Caddo Fire District One, think it out and be done. After locating the treasure card and acquiring a business card from Doug's Paint & Body Shop, make the call and collect $1,000.00.

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