Ready to hit those sales next week? Here are the stores that should be on your radar.

I've never been one to rush to stores at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, but I know that it gives some people a rush. Last year, I happened to find myself at a store on Black Friday and I scored a Keurig for like 65 percent off. I won't lie... I felt a bit of a rush, but knew this power would overcome me if I wan't careful.

If you're already mapping out your BF plans, you should have these stores written in red, underlined.

WalletHub took a look at the stores with the best Black Friday deals across the nation. It's a long list. We narrowed down that list to the top 10 places to shop in Shreveport-Bossier.

1. Kohl's
2. JCPenney
3. Belk
4. Stage
5. Sears
7. Amazon
8. Target
9. Dick's Sporting Goods
10. Office Depot

You can see the entire list here. Even if we don't have a physical location in our area, I'm sure you could just as easily shop online.

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