A seven-year-old LSU fan got the opportunity of a lifetime last week. Caylix Kallhoff went to watch the women's basketball game at LSU and was given a chance to direct the golden band from tiger land.

Caylix, who is autistic, has had no formal musical education but has shown a natural talent for music. His mother, Josie, said for him to conduct the band was like a dream come true. Caylix watches marching band videos every day and can even name the fight songs for most of the SEC teams just by hearing them. Josie says she knows this is just a preview of what Caylix will be able to do in the future.

Caylix has watched the video of him conducting the band over and over. His mom says that he just keeps saying "Mom, that's me" and "Mom, I got to be with the band people." Josie said she is really thankful for the band being so kind and encouraging. She also hopes this video will motivate people to follow their dreams no matter what they might be faced with, just like Caylix.

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