I don't know how pwople get a thrill out of watching a scary movie. My mom scarred me at an early age. I can still hear her voice telling me about "opening the door to demons". Even Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" scared me! I hated the movie because of that creepy lady that haunted my dreams.

To day that I hate scary movies is an understatement. I once broke up with a guy because of his love for scary movies. I HATE SCARY MOVIES. Your blood pressure shoots up, you're at the edge of your seat and people look at you funny when you scream. When my co-worker Ginger told me about a movie about Nuns my first thought was "it has to be a comedy!". I was sadly mistaken. Watch our first look at the movie below.

If you want to see the trailer to "The Nun" you can see it below. If you have nightmares, just know that I told you so.

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