She said YES! With a proposal like this, how could anyone say no?

Saturday night, the Shreveport Mudbugs beat the top team in the NAHL, becoming the first team to beat the Ice Dogs since November. The game was nuts, there were some fisticuffs, a shootout, and even a proposal!

Late Friday night, my friend Jonathon Thompson reached out with an idea... He wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Saturday night's Mudbugs game, in front of a massive and rowdy crowd.

I told him right away that I had an idea, and he simply had to show up and somehow hold back the emotion to keep it a secret.

During the game, I asked Jonathon and his now-fiance, Anna, if they would be willing to join me for a game on camera. In this game, we would have four competitors and whoever got the crowd the most pumped up, using only the words "GO BUGS", would be our winner. The first two contestants were phenomenal, but then when it was Jonathon's turn, and things got turned up a notch. It's safe to say he won, big time.

What an amazing proposal, congrats to JT and Anna!



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