I am a firm believer that people outside of Louisiana don't understand how big today actually is.

There are few corners of the US where college baseball means as much as it does within the state lines of Louisiana. But people outside of SEC Country have no idea about that.

I would know, I was clueless until I came here.

I'm from Michigan, which is a state that actually has a rich history of college baseball at multiple programs. But NONE of them compare to LSU Baseball. Which means I had no idea what to expect when I stepped into my first LSU Baseball season.

This year's LSU Baseball season could have an even bigger impact than the last two I've experienced, which would be impressive. Here's how the season is being framed by the Louisiana Radio Network:

"A highly anticipated college baseball season gets underway tonight for the second ranked LSU Tigers as they host Air Force at 7 PM. Coach Paul Mainieri brings back a veteran team that will also feature a few freshmen who are expected to do great things. 
Alex Lange will start on the mound for the Tigers."

Now it is worth mentioning that the LSU Tigers have already dealt with some injuries this pre-season. From torn ACLs to broken cheekbones, the team is already "playing from behind" on the injured list. But the hype hasn't gone away because of that.

This team could easily be the best in the country, from top-to-bottom. It's not a team that completely hinges on Alex Lange (even though he's probably the best player on the team), whereas some of the other highly ranked teams will perform as well as their best player allows them too. This is a TEAM, and it's stacked.

Catch the first pitch of the season tonight, on 1130 The Tiger, on 1130AM across the Shreveport and Bossier areas, with pre-game starting at 6:30pm, and first pitch just after 7pm.

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