We scoured CareerBuilder.com to analyze all the Louisiana state job openings posted on their site this month.  Here they are, beginning with number one.

#1) Sales: From retail, to cold calling and door to door pitching, there is always a need for someone to go out and sell a certain product.

Right now, there are 426 jobs listed with an average salary of $26,000. Some, only based on minimum wage and commission.


#2) Managment: Ready to lead a crew? Better list some strong experience in your resume! Plenty of Louisiana businesses are looking for someone to forge a path by training, hiring, and perhaps firing, in hopes of building the perfect team.

Currently there are 253 gigs looking for managers ranging in $36,000 to $86,000 for salary.

#3) Customer Service: This includes things like assisting a shopper, answering questions, and possibly fielding complaints. This kind of gig requires much patience, and saying "yes"...a lot.

229 jobs are currently listed. Salaries range from minimum wage to $32,000 annually for a full time position.

#4) Retail: See # 1. It's basically the same thing, although some may not require actual sales. Other times it may just be holding down a storefront during business hours.

162 gigs are posted. Pay ranges from minimum wage to $22,000.

#5) Skilled Labor - Trade Jobs: From electricians to technicians, often times these kind of jobs require some schooling, licences and/or degrees. But the pay is significantly better.

Currently, there are 155 jobs listed with paychecks onwards and upwards of $85,000 in some cases.

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