Are you looking for a new job? What about becoming a lion tamer? If so, them you might want to move to California. But what job do the wonderful people of our home state, Louisiana, Google most?

Zippia, a website that analyzes careers, looked at Google searches to figure out what job the people in each state search for more than anywhere else and all we can say to the people of Georgia, "Bless your little hearts..."

Here are some examples of what jobs people in each state Googled most:

  • California = LION TAMER
  • Georgia = STRIPPER
  • North Carolina = PIRATE JOBS
  • Kentucky = TREE HUGGER
  • Louisiana = ZOO KEEPER????

For all states' results, click HERE.

If you want to make a career change and being a zoo keeper is not your thing, stop by the Townsquare Media job fair.  The job fair is Tuesday, February 2, at Pierre Bossier Mall. Bring your resume and come dress to impress.  We hope to see you there.

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