This week's featured app is about saving money and convenience. You know how you can receive store rewards cards from different places like Kroger, Brookshire's, and CVS? The ones that hang off your key chain and get hung up on one another and make it difficult to hold your keys and the bigger wallet size cards that are just taking up space. This week's app can keep all those cards in your pocket without taking up physical space.

The app is called Stocard. Which is kind of fun to say out loud, but pretty neat. BTW, It is free for both iPhones and Androids.

According to the app discription on the apple website, the app is intended to "unclutter your wallet by scanning the code on your plastic cards within seconds." Then you would use your phone to scan instead of the card when you go shopping.

To find out more information about the app click here.

According to the google play store, they currently have 200 million people using the app with tons of reviews. One of the reviews says the only thing he would change is "is if it could tell you how many points you have earned on each card."

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While you are checking out the app, make sure to download the K945 app. The app is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.