Life is complicated and some days are chaotic and unpredictable. Apps don't have to be. You will have none of that with this week's app. This week's featured app is all about tranquility and relaxation. It is called Terrarium and it is a game.

In the game you will place a pot with a tiny little plant on the shelf. The plant automatically starts to grow. The more it grows the more points you gain. Tap on the plant and it will grow faster. As you climb the levels you unlock new plants and shelf space. That is seriously all there is to this app. It sounds super silly, but it is super relaxing. Even the background music to the game is calming.

In real life I can't grow anything. There is no green thumb on this girl! In this app I can actually keep a plant alive, and so can you. Plus it is free for both iPhone users and Android users. Click here to check out more about the app.

While you are checking out the app, do not forget to download the K945 app.

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