A few months ago, in a crowded Minden Recreational Center in Minden, LA I was enjoying a Summer day softball game. People where everywhere and the team of 5th graders I was watching had a very enthusiastic group of parents cheering them on.

Suddenly, out of nowhere there was a loud POP sound!

Instinctively, I hit the ground, hiding from gunfire.

After a few moments, I didn't hear anything else, so I carefully look around to make sure it's safe. No one else was phased. In fact, no one else even noticed that I had even ducked. I was dumbfounded and confused! How is it that I am the only person who heard this very loud and very clear sound of gunfire in a such a large crowd with children everywhere?

That was when I saw the lady behind me casually pick up her keys off the bleachers behind me!!

It was in that moment it became painfully clear to me...that I was the only person there from Shreveport.

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