When I got divorced (way back in 1980), all it cost me was a dollar to have a power of attorney document notarized. Then my soon-to-be ex-wife flew to Haiti with her soon-to-be husband and...oh, sorry. TMI, as the kids say. But I did get divorced for a single dollar. Or, to put that in perspective, $79,999,999 less than when actor Kevin Costner divorced his wife Cindy. And, believe me, I love comparing mine to each and every one of the Top Ten Costliest Celebrity Divorces listed below!

10) Actor Michael Douglas (from Diandra): $45 million

  9) Singer Phil Collins (From Orianne): $47 million

 8) Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney (from Heather): $48.6 million

 7) Film Director James Cameron (from actress Linda Hamilton): $50 million

 6) Singer Madonna (from director Guy Ritchie): $76 million

 5) Actor Kevin Costner (from Cindy): $80 million

 4) Actor Harrison Ford (from writer Melissa Matheson): $85 milion

 3) Director Steven Spielberg (from actress Amy Irving): $100 million

 2) Singer Neil Diamond (from Marcia): $150 million

 1) Basketballer Michael Jordan (from Juanita): $168 million

And what about golfer Tiger Woods? Why isn't he on the list? Well, no official numbers from his divorce from Elin Nordregen have ever been made public, but it's rumored to be in the range of $200 million, giving Tiger, far and away, the less than coveted number one spot.