My birthday is coming up in just a about three weeks, and I think I've found what I think would be the perfect present: A hovercraft / golf cart!

Right now there's only one in the world, a joint venture between sportswear companies Oakley and Neoteric, and cost around $20,000. A video showing the craft / cart featuring golfer Bubba Watson has gone viral, showing the Masters champion sailing across fairways, hazards, and ponds with equal ease.

The video was produced by Oakley and they admit they never intended the craft for sale, much less mass production. But Oakley also says that since the 'Bubba' video came out, they've received hundreds of calls from folks wanting to buy one.

Well, put me on the 'want one' list! In fact, I'll put up two KVKI t-shirts and six Horseshoe buffet passes in trade right now. I've emailed my official offer, and now I'll just sit back and wait for the phone to ring.