The Defenders of Liberty Air Show is happening this weekend at Barksdale Air Force Base with all kinds of fun for the whole family.

The Barksdale Air Force Base Air Show allows Shreveport-Bossier City to showcase the home of the B-52, grant access to tour the military installation, view military and aerobatic performers, and support the recruiting arm of our armed forces.

Tora! Tora! Tora! will be re-enacting the Dec. 7th attack on Pearl Harbor with Japanese fighters and bombers.  The pilots, crew,  pyrotechnic and maintenace are all made up of the Commemorative Air Force.

You'll see aerobatic performances by Greg Poe in the Fagen MX2, Jaquie B in the Pitts S-IT Red Eagle,  Kevin Coleman in the Extra 300SHP, and Bill Stein in the Edge 540.

There's also a Canadian Parachute Demo Team - Skyhawks. The team has conducted over 5000 parachute descents and is comprised of highly professional and experienced soldiers from the Canadian Armed Forces. They are renowned for the signature Canopy Relative  Work (CRW) parachute performance.

Ground statics and other activities will be open to the public.  People will be able to board many of the aircraft.