Sharks are no joke, especially with how many that have made themselves known this summer. This past Saturday was no exception and was definitely NOT a laughing matter.

Steven Robles, a forty year-old long distance swimmer, was attacked by a seven-foot Great White shark on Saturday near Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles and fisherman nearby laughed as it happened.

Eventually, the fishermen got serious and began to warn other swimmers, but it's amazing how long they goofed off before warning people, especially since they KNEW the shark was there in the water. They were the ones that reeled in the shark and let it loose!

Even worse: you can hear Robles screaming the whole time. In fact, you can hear the fishermen laughing and joking about how they can hear him screaming in the water.

Fortunately, Robles is fine. Although he does have some nasty injuries from the shark bite.

Authorities were notified and were able to direct the shark away from the pier that was later reopened that afternoon.


What do you think about the fishermen's reaction to the shark attack?