One of our co-workers has a 3 year old little girl, but she's about to have a baby boy. She's quite worried how to handle a boy. We solicited advice from our listeners and came up with a list that might help.1. Get a wipe warmer - this will keep the wipes warm. If you try to clean a baby boy with a cold wipe, you will get sprayed.

2. Put a clean diaper underneath him first. Invariably boys will tinkle again the minute the old diaper comes off. Be prepared!

3. Boys can go off any time. Go in with this always in your mind. Anytime their little "guy" is exposed to the air, it can spray.

4. Little boys (big boys too) like to touch what they have and they will often touch it in the most inopportune times, like church or the grocery store.

5. Don't let your boys run around naked if you have to run water. You know what will happen.

6. Be careful with those onsie sleep suits that zip all the way up the front. Trust me.

7. Boys will get into everything. You will have to child proof your house very early for boys.