Your Vacuum Cleaner is Spying on You!
I'll never forget the first day I looked down at my cell phone and it told me that it would take me 30 minutes to get home and advised me that traffic was light... What the?!?!
Whats App-ening: Run Pee App Reviewed
No one wants to miss an important part of the movie, but guzzling down what the movie people call a "medium" drink will have you running to the bathroom. Apparently someone saw this as an opportunity to create something magical, the Run Pee App.
Alexa By Amazon Saved a Woman’s Life
The Bernanillo Sheriff's department believes that Alexa saved a woman's life. If you're wondering who this mystery woman is, this super hero isn't Wonder Woman with a shield and a whip, Alexa is a smart device developed by Amazon to act as an assistant...
No, Jayden K Smith Isn’t Stealing Your Facebook
Man I love me a good internet hoax, but only to a point.
I will forever be a fan of old chart room scams where you could convince another person to restart their computer with some keystrokes under the guise that it would open a secret menu on the website, or telling them to Google (or Yahoo back in …

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