According to this report from KVUE TV half of Bastrop State Park has burned.

Fires across Central Texas propelled partly by the high winds caused by Tropical Storm Lee burned thousands of acres. The entire state is under a red flag warning due to the fire danger.

Nearly half of the Bastrop State Park has burned, as have hundreds of homes. Crews have continued to battle the fire all night long. What started as two fires east of the city of Bastrop merged into one. The fire is moving south and is now well south of the Bastrop State Park and has reached FM 2571. That road connects Highway 304 and Smithville.

The Texas Forest Service estimates over 14, 000 acres have burned, along with at least 300 homes. Officials will release another damage update this morning.

The fire is 16 miles long and six miles wide. The Texas Forest Service warns people down wind of the fire, to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice.

As for what triggered the fire, that remains unknown. But a combination of dry air, gusty winds, and our historic drought have come together to produce dangerous fire conditions area-wide.

Monday may be even worse. A front will push through producing wind gusts of at least 40 miles per hour.