While walking down the hall, Kayla and I were talking about old TV shows. Somehow, the conversation turned to the dumbest and/or cheesiest ones. For some reason, she didn't even remember some of the ones I mentioned... So I knew I had to do a post to share the cheese... And prove they exist!

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    In the early 90's, Dinosaurs was part of the "TGIF" lineup. It followed the Sinclair family through their life in the year 60,000,003 BC. The part that I remember most is Baby Sinclair and the Not The Baby song. Luckily, the show only lasted 3 years, and ended with an ice age.

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    Bosom Buddies

    Try to imagine pitching the show idea to big TV execs. Why yes, we'd like to put Tom Hanks in a dress! I'm surprised it was only in production for 2 years, because I swear this show was on every afternoon in between infomercials!

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    Small Wonder

    A robot pretending to be a real girl! No wonder why this show has been called one of the worst low-budget TV shows of all time! Even though, I will share a secret with you... being a computer geek, I actually enjoyed this show... But don't tell anyone!

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    Cop Rock

    Kayla said she'd never even heard of this show before. And, this is what inspired this story! Let's see... Take a police drama, and combine it with a musical. And, make sure the songs are full of 80's synth. Sounds like a winner to me! Trivia: Did you know that Sheryl Crow was in the series finale???

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    OK, Cop Rock was going to be my cheesiest... Until I remembered one of my college journalism professors making me watch Manimal. I think it was a class on bad special effects!!! It was yet another police drama, but also had a shape shifting crime solver! Watch the video and see just how bad the effects were. No wonder why it was cancelled after only 11 episodes. And they only showed the same 2 animal transformations over and over!