Remember The Device That Impacts Your Life Every Day
You might still have one of these in a box in the attic, or gathering dust on a shelf in a closet.  At one time it was a ubiquitous appliance; a part of of everyday life, providing hours of home entertainment.  But just as quickly as it burst upon the scene, it was gone; strewn i…
Will Hollywood South Rise Again?
Ever since the original Tarzan Of The Apes was filmed in Morgan City in 1917, Louisiana has been a favorite location for movie and television directors.  With its diverse scenery from swamps to antebellum houses to public and private college campuses and urban environments, our state can s…
Super Bowl Is Super Bore
I know I'm committing football blasphemy.  It's supposedly the biggest day of the year--Super Bowl Sunday!  And I just don't care.  Really all I care about anymore are my Dallas Cowboys.  Since they didn't make it to the big game, I just can't get that ex…
Amazing Supercut of TV Catchphrases [VIDEO]
There are numerous classic catchphrases in the history of television. How anyone had time to find dang near ALL of them is quite impressive, and someone did.
I played a few of these classic TV lines on my show today. Man, what great memories! I nearly forgot some of them.

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