As a father of 2 children, both under 5. I am over 40, so there are two things in life that I strive to achieve.Since there is a slim chance that I will be the "cool Dad", I have to have goals.

1.) Get old and become a burden on my children.

2.) Be the biggest embarrassment a parent can be.

I mention this, as a recent survey out of the U.K. found that the parent most likely to have an embarrassing moment with their child... is dad.

Over 2,000 13- to 21-year-olds were polled and 60 percent said that their dads are "lame." (which is translation for: I like to take money from my parents and I will put up with them, even though they are uncool, just as long as I can live in their house until I am in my mid-30s.)

Among the reasons given that parents were considered "lame": poor fashion choices and bad haircuts topped the list.

Specsaver, the British company conducting the survey, said that he wasn't surprised by the results. “Most of us have been embarrassed by our old man at some point,” he said.

That being said, I have no desire to be the "cool Dad", if i tried, I will fail one way or the other.  Being a a "cool Dads" means that either my kids will end up in jail or get their rear-ends kicked. I want to be that Dad that my kids will expect me to be, the embarrassing Dad that is my kid's hero.

Here are some father's that have embarrassed their kids. They don't have names attached to the pictures, but they should be revered as the Father's that lived down to their kid's expectations.