Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson have been removed from Katherine Jackson custody by Los Angeles Judge Mitch Beckloff.

Judge Beckloff named TJ Jackson, Tito Jackson's son, the temporary guardian of the three children of the late King of Pop. Charles Schultz represented TJ Jackson in an emergency appeal for the children. Katherine Jackson was declared unable to serve as guardian because of an "intentional act from third parties.

Outside of the court TJ Jackson said to the press, "There are only three words I want to say: Always kids first!" As an after thought he expressed that he wanted Katherine Jackson to return home as well.

This came to a head after Katherine Jackson's extended stay at at her daughter Rebbie's home in Tucson, Arizona. It remains a mystery as to why Katherine has remained their for so long.

Her behavior over the phone as also been odd. TJ Jackson relayed to the court that in a phone conversation he had with Katherine the night before that she sounded "strange…the way it sounded, I never heard her talk like that. … I never heard her use some phrases."

TJ Jackson is an unlikely successor as it is in Michael Jackson's will that Diana Ross succeed Katherine Jackson as the custodian of the three children. The judge ordered that she along with Debbie Rowe, the children's mother, be notified of the decision wihtin 48 hours.

It was also ordered by the judge that the children not leave the state of California and another hearing scheduled in 30 days.