I know every team wants to win and beat up on the other guy. It doesn't matter if it's football, baseball, basketball, soccer or any organized sport. Every child is encouraged to play hard from the time they step onto the t-ball or soccer field.

photo by Erin McCarty

My oldest son has been playing soccer since he was 3 and I am thrilled to see that he is still playing today. He plays for Louisiana College in Pineville.

To see the players from both teams gather at the end of each game to pray is such a sight! They wrap their arms around each other and thank God for keeping them safe. It is such a moving moment during each game. I am glad my son is thriving in the collegiate environment and he appreciates these spiritual moments with his teammates and opponents. This week his team played LSU Shreveport.

Of course the coach for LSUS was his high school coach at Byrd and he knows many of the Pilots players. His Wildcats lost the exciting game 2-1. But that really didn't matter to me. It was the moment at the end of the game when both teams gather in the middle of the field to pray! It's so touching and it really hits home the point that sports is much bigger than the game.

Sports brings boys and girls together in a way that helps them build friendships that can last a lifetime. But it can also be a time for these young people to have spiritual time with their peers.