My son is in his 3rd week of Marine Basic Training and I could tell from his letters that he loves to hear about what's happening back home. I now have his full address and would love to send letters to him from you.

You can send them to me here at the radio station:

Erin McCarty KVKI

6341 Westport Avenue

Shreveport, LA 71129

I would certainly appreciate it and you can tell him in your letter that I asked you to write. But please mention in your letter this quote: "if you get a tattoo, you'll break your Mother's heart."

Be sure you use plain white paper and white envelopes. It's also best to keep your message upbeat and positive. He loves to get news about sports and guy stuff. I will also be getting some names from him of Marines who don't get any mail so we can all write to that person too.

Please only send care packages of any sort yet.

Thanks in means so much to me to make sure my son knows how much we are all thinking about him.