A delivery driver in New York has a very big fear....the fear of driving over bridges.  Usually most of his deliveries are in one neighborhood, but recently he had to take something over the Verrazano Bridge.  He couldn't tell the boss no.  So to calm his fears, the guy pulled out a bottle of vodka.  He crashed into a tree and police responding to the scene found his blood alcohol content at four times the legal limit. Check out story two today:

This is just sweet.  A  homeless man in southeast Michigan was panhandling on a street corner and a woman pulled up and handed him a pile change and drove off.  The homeless guy, Michael Secaur says he discovered says a woman accidentally gave him a gold ring laced with diamonds when she handed him a handful of change. Michael Secaur tells The Oakland Press that he was panhandling at an intersection in Pontiac on when a woman pulled up in a vehicle and handed him some money. He says the ring was among some coins, and that he thinks she "did an oops."  He turned the ring over to managers at a shelter where he often stays and they have tracked the woman down.