Robert and Erin

Help Send Easter Care Packages to U.S. Troops
The mission of Move America Forward is to make sure our troops overseas know they are supported and appreciated for everything they sacrifice for our sake. Right now, we're putting together EASTER care packages for our troops. If you have not donated yet, please click here to donate now to send…
Watch Robert and Erin Pass the Torch to Cory and Elizabeth
Monday morning, Robert and Erin announced their departure from the KVKI morning show -- a spot that's near and dear to their hearts. The new morning show, comprised of Cory Ryan and Elizabeth Morales, joined them in the studio to officially become the new sound of 96.5 KVKI.
Mardi Gras Tips from City of Shreveport
Shreveport has sent out a list of guidelines for the big parades this year. The Clyde Fant Parkway will close at about 7 tonight until 7 in the morning.
You are not allowed to stake off or reserve any public areas along the parade route until after 7am on Saturday...
You Could Be Guest DJ With Robert and Erin
Shreveport's Feist-Weiller Cancer Center is offering you a chance to be a guest DJ with Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty! It's part of their Life Savers 2012 fundraiser coming up Saturday night at the Shreveport Convention Center.
Hate Your Job? Meet Nickelback!
Jerry Bunkers, Flickr
Work sucks and this time of year, it gets harder and harder to go to work. So how would you like to get rewarded for putting up with your bosses crap day-in and day-out?

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