State health inspectors go out unannounced to check out restaurants and now the state is posting those reports online.

I checked out the reports on some of my favorite restaurants and most of them had really good records, but I did find some violations that worry me for one Mexican restaurant I like to visit every now and then. Here's the list of things they were cited for: 

1. Food - Condition, Source, Labeling: Food – Date Marking

 Ready to eat, potentially hazardous food prepared on premises and held for more than 24 hours is not date marked. V/C

2. Food - Time/Temperature Violations: Food – Cold Holding


3. Personnel - Employee Health, Practices: Personnel – Personal Cleanliness, Hygienic

Employee did not wash hands and exposed portions of arms at appropriate time.

4. Cross Contamination: Cross Contamination – Food to Food

  Food is not stored six (6) inches off the floor.

Food stored for cold-holding and service was not held at a temperature of 41 °F or below. V/C

Raw animal foods with different cooking temperature requirements are not separated to prevent cross

contamination during storage, preparation, or display.

5. Food Protection: Food Storage – 6” Off Floor, Dry, Covered



This is not the place, but after reading the report, I don't think I'll be eating there anymore.