Ok, Here's the situation.  You thought this was a "We're not going to get each other Christmas presents because we're broke and being together is the best gift anyway!" kind of year.  That's when he says he's got a present for you, and he's really excited to see your face when he gives it to you.

This is NOT the face he is thinking of.

Pop quiz hotshot, what do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?  Feign "stomach discomfort" and sprint for the ladies room like Caitlyn Jenner before the dress? Obviously!  But, what do you do then?  Make some kind jewelry out of the urinal mints?  No!  Also, you're in the Men's room.


The answer is already in your purse!  Lipstick!  I know what you are thinking, and I'm way ahead of you.  Not only is it the out-of-the-box gift that your very socially conscious man will appreciate, there's precedent!

There you go!  Show that to him and fork over your half used stick of MAC Ruby Red.  Throw in a wink, and you're set!  Full disclosure: This is actually an ad for a Tom Ford line of women's lipstick based on guys names, but he won't know that.

MAC Cosmetics

P.S. If he doesn't like it, just cry and make out with him.  I promise he will like that.  Merry Christmas!