The new Apple iPad is literally the hottest tech item on the market. Apple announced Monday that they have already sold three million units of the new iPad. At a base price of $499 that's a whole lot of cash. All those sales might backfire. The three million iPads sold broke the previous weekend selling record. Apple inverters also received a bit of good news from the tech giant. Apple will begin paying investors a quarterly dividend and commence share buybacks with $98 billion dollars in cash. This is the first time Apple has done this in more than a decade. But, could all that cash go up in smoke?

Complaints run rampant on Apple's Discussion Board of the new iPad getting to hot to handle after only half an hour.  When the device exceeds the highest working temperature of 95 degrees, a prompt is triggered that says, "The iPad needs to cool down."

Apple hasn't officially commented on the issue with the heat, but it is believed that the new bigger battery might be the reason this iPad runs hotter than its predecessors.