If you recall last week, I wrote about a breast feeding baby doll that has a number of people, me included, a bit upset. If you thought that was bad, just wait -- it gets worse.

This is absolutely sick. There is now a doll that is designed to look like a premature baby wired up to breathing tubes. Parents groups and other organizations around the world are, rightfully, up in arms.

Manufacturers claim the lifelike creations — which cost up to $1273 with intensive care packs priced at up to $45 extra, claim the doll should help parents of sick newborns through their grieving process, with some buying the doll just to remember the infant that passed away, in their family.

The "add-on" to the "toy"

Sue Williams, of premature baby charity Adapt, said: “It’s sick. The dolls aren’t comforting. They only extend the grieving process.”

A mother who lost one of her newborn twins posted on Netmums: “I’m disgusted. What kind of sick and twisted individual does this?”

This is a growing trend of toys that "push the limits and the thankfully there are many groups are becoming vocal about their objections. One of the targets is the exporter of the toys, saying that it is not helping parents cope, in a very difficult time. Plus it is not acceptable for children of any age.