One of the first things listeners ask Erin and me is, 'Is that your real name?' And sometimes they seem disappointed to find out that Erin McCarty and Robert Wright are the ones we were born with. I have, through the years, worked with a number of deejays who used 'air names', the most memorable being 'Jason O'Brien' (real name Howard Toole) and 'Gary Burbank' (Eugene Purser). And with some of show business' biggest 'names' it's no different.


The well-known names you refer to these celebrities by aren't the names on their birth certificates. Here are some of my many did you know?

Marilyn Monroe) Norma Jean Mortonson

Charlie Sheen) Carlos Estevez

Cee Lo Green) DeCarlo Callaway

Demi Moore) Demetria Guynes

Jennifer Aniston) Jennifer Anastassakis

Michael Caine) Maurice Micklewhite

Elton John) Reginald Dwight

Tina Turner) Annie Mae Bullock

Lady Gaga) Stefani Germanotta

Whoopi Goldberg) Caryn Johnson