The new TV show Revolution on NBC has me hooked!

NBC Publicity Photo

The network hasn't had much success with recent shows, but this one might change things for the Peacock people. Revolution revolves around a world in which all electronic gadgets and machines (including cars) stop working.  The people have to start over without any kind of technology.  So is the show a hit? Well in the hot demographic of 18-49, more than 12 million people were watching.  The numbers dropped off just a bit for the 2nd half hour. I'm thinking those folks were like me: out shopping for survival stuff. The complete numbers aren't in yet on how many watched it online, but the word is spreading about this new show. I know I am hooked and ready for a blackout if it should happen in Shreveport and Bossier!! You might call me crazy,  but I have soup and water to last for weeks!