Just about all of us know someone, maybe family or friends, whose lives were impacted earlier this week when hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the US. Having lived in that part of the country (quite) a few years back, I thought I'd pass along what a few of my friends did during the storm. All, by the way, made it through the rain and high winds safely.

My friend Drew (Esocoff, director for NBC's Sunday Night Football) was working in Denver for the Broncos - Saints game. Wrapping up after midnight, he caught one of the last flights back to NYC, then drove to his home in Connecticut to be with his family during the storm.

jeff morosoff

Long tiime pal Jeff (Morosoff, a professor at Hofstra on Long Island) ventured out to deliver elderly family members to safety. Then, after the power went out and unable to sleep, spent the night grading papers on his battery powered laptop. By the way, it's his raincoated dog in the pic to the left.

Fromer KVKI DJ Michael Nix, now working for Lifetime TV, rode out the storm at his Manhattan apartment, taking in friends (and friends of friends) from neighborhoods in danger of flooding.

And my oldest NYC friend, comic Jack Quinn, picked up a quick $1,000 for doing 30 minutes of stand-up at a private "Hurricane Survival Party" in a ritzy neighborhood in New Jersey. He said, "Usual comic's luck. The lights went out right in the middle of my best joke!"