School was out and there I was at McDonald's letting my grandchildren play in the playground. There was a young family there with four young boys so wild the parents couldn't keep up with them.

The toddler kept coming by offering up his fat little hand and wiggling his fingers, begging for french fries. His parents would come by and gather him up and apologize. But there was something not quite right about this situation.
Then, my grandson came running to me and said, “Woo Woo, those kids are too poor
to buy any food. The boy told me!”

Gathering all of the strength I had in me, I motioned to the father. Quietly I said, "if you are you unable to buy the kids something to eat, I would be happy to buy their lunch." He replied, “Oh, we just ate lunch. We're fine." He thanked me, I believed him and thought it was over.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye two young parents had their heads together, whispering. The downtrodden dad approached. "If you really meant your offer to buy some food for the kids I would be pleased to accept," he said.

I didn't say a word -- just stood up, walked to the register with the mother and ordered Happy Meals for the kids.

I felt like I had just brought peace to the world. I shared the story with my grandchildren on the way home and they felt great, too.

My advice to anyone who finds themselves in a 'what would you do?' situation: go with your gut and help those in need.

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