The 60s were the era of the garage band. Everybody had a band in their garage. Some were great, and others not so much. But for sure Shreveport-Bossier was the birth place of a hundred different local bands, and we thought they were all wonderful!KVKI's sister station 710 Keel sponsored a number of gigantic Battle of the Band contests at Shreve City Shopping Center. The entire KEEL air staff participated in introducing the bands and the bands came ready to play!

Remembering every act that participated in the original Battle of the Band events is tough, but after some research the names came flooding in: The Blue Shadows, The Rouge Show, South Paw, The Nomads, The Family Tree, The Living End, The Red Hots, The Group, Blue Denim, Red Kettle, 5 x 5, The Bad Habits and The Rhythm Masters.

The finals of the Battle of the Bands was held at the Hirsch Auditorium. The Warlocks won first place.

Talk about great entertainment. That's how teens spent their Saturday nights in the 60s -- at KEEL's Battle of the Bands.

It was a simpler time back then. Not many electronics -- just an interest in trying to entertain ourselves. A time when everybody was asking: "Hey, want to join the band?”

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