When we were kids, not only did we have to walk uphill to and from school, our field trips were to boring places like museums, weird historical reenactments and planetariums. Kids these days have all the fun, especially when they get to spend the afternoon at Boston’s favorite adult video store.

Twitter user Kamil K. tweeted a photo of a Boston Public Schools school bus parked in front of Amazing Video on Friday. He doesn’t claim to have gone inside, because who would, so we aren’t sure if the driver of the school bus had a quick personal errand to run or if the children of Boston were being treated to an advanced session of sex ed. Either way, it’s definitely a rare site to see.

According to Yelp, the highly rated Amazing Video store offers adult videos for rent or purchase, magazines, a variety of adult themed toys and other sex aids. Yelper Su R. says they also have plenty of costumes, and Yelper Amanda M. says they have “some of the most unusual sex toys I have ever seen.”

What this means is that no matter who went into that video store last week, somebody came out happy. And, perhaps Boston Public Schools might want to keep better tabs on their buses. Also, if you’re out of lube, bus 380 can hook you up.

[via Jalopnik]