Calorie limits are in place in all Caddo Schools and some parents and youngsters are not happy about the rules. Deborah Harris is the Child Nutrition Director for Caddo Schools. She tells us implementing the new plan "has been challenging."

As far as the calorie maximums, she says "we are adjusting our servings by portions and limiting the condiments that are available."  But some students are protesting.  The calorie limits are causing lots of concern around the country.

Here are the limits: 650 calories for elementary-schoolers, 700 for middle-schoolers and 850 for high schoolers. But protesters say 850 calories isn’t enough for some high schoolers, particularly athletes who can burn calories by the thousands.

If you want to find out more about all of the fine print, you can check out the new guidelines.

For those who think the government is overstepping the boundaries, Harris says "I think the children must learn somewhere. If they are not learning it at home, we can give them the information and hopefully they will take the information home and try making changes at home."