We should find out today if Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover will respond to a request from the City Council for a written explanation about why he has not agreed to accept funding from the Red River Waterway Commission for a proposed dog park on the Shreveport Riverfront.

Dog Park /mandanparks.com

The Commission has approved $280 thousand dollars for the park, but the Mayor has previously said the City has other priorities on the riverfront.

Council Chairman Michael Corbin tells KEEL news he has not gotten a response from the Mayor on his request for a written report, but tells KEEL News: "I think what we will likely see is some sort of coalition and a new discussion about the dog park first."

Corbin says this is an issue that needs to be settled. He says "it is my hope that we get this news at the council meeting today, that will be a good first step."