Dog lovers in Shreveport want your support. They have a petition circulating to get signatures showing support for the park along the bank of the Red River in South Shreveport.
Organizers hope this will convince Mayor Cedric Glover to support the complex at Hamel Memorial Park. The Red River Waterway Commission has approved about $300 thousand dollars for the park. But the Mayor wanted money from the Commission for other purposes.

Little Rock has a beautiful dog park.

Baton Rouge also has a couple of dog parks

Here are some of the comments from people who have already signed the petition:

Jeanie McKinley We need this!! We have so many apartment and patio homes + small yard owners that need a place to exercise their dogs. Would make the riverfront more useful, we are not taking advantage of a nice area.

It's time for the administration of the City of Shreveport to stop playing political games and reward the taxpayers of Shreveport with ammenities that will bring our city on a comparable level with other progressive cities in the United States.

with an area as large as Shreveport and with as much traffic as the area gets a dog part will only add to the charm of the city. as someone who just recently moved to the state i was stunned by the size of the yards here. my yard is not really large enough to run both of my large dogs. it would be nice to have someplace not only to run my dogs but also to meet others who love dogs as much as i do!!! it would only be a positive aspect for future