Some things go bump in the night. But inside Stocky's Pizza in Haughton, they're considerably louder.

The local restaurant has captured attention from media and ghost hunters alike after Stocky's employee Lori Evans produced creepy surveillance footage that showed ice scoops and bottles being inexplicably thrown to the floor. And that's just the latest in a string of paranormal activity dating back to the restaurant's opening earlier this year, she says.

Evans invited Erin McCarty, co-host of KVKI morning show Robert & Erin, to investigate the eatery after hours and prove -- or debunk -- her suspicion that a ghost really was calling Stocky's home.

This is the footage they captured.

Employing infrared cameras, audio recorders and a device which purportedly reacts when supernatural energy is nearby, McCarty, accompanied by KVKI Digital Managing Editor Justin Massoud and videographer Tim McMurray, conducted a two-hour investigation inside Stocky's during the dead of night.

Evans monitored the group's movements throughout the empty pizzeria from the surveillance room. Meanwhile, fellow employee Jessica Renaud and Evans' sister Amy Lowrey walked the team through the eatery and pointed out hot spots, including a dish washing area where Renaud claims a ghost had brushed her hair back as she cleaned.

The group attempted to communicate with the entity, asking simple questions and for a sign that it was there.

Though the team found no hard evidence to support Evans' claims, she still believes that there is a presence within the pizzeria.

"We have [captured] EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of groans and something saying the word 'what.' We're having that put on a CD," Evans told KVKI. "It's not every single day [something happens], but the things that have happened are too unexplainable for me."